ECV Videos
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2011 Apr 9th Superior Dedication (YouTube video)
2010 Nov 6th Widders night (YouTube video)
2010 Williams Plaque Dedication (YouTube video)
2010 GC Great Tent Caper (YouTube video)
ABC News Norton day 2010
2009  Castle Dome Mine (YouTube video)
2004 Vulture Mine (YouTube video)
2002 Kirkland Dedication (YouTube video)
2002 Bouse Pallet burning (YouTube video)
2002 Los Lunas Dedication
1999 Dutchman /Al Packer Dedication
1997 Goldfield Doins
1996 Superior Parade
Plumb crazy fastest boat Dutchman sponsored
Beer bottle dominos (fun video)
The Wild Widders Weekend Wedding for Butcherman and Pam
Historic Holes Video
Emperor Norton on Bonanza