Lost Dutchman Chapter 5917 Arizona


Soccorro,NM October 4 6002


4 weeks after handling Trinitite


The cluster called Quivara Chapter 4 by some, led by Jay Kanitz, arrived at the site about 1100 hours October 4. Closely following were Far West Clampers, including Jim Tanner and Donn Marinovich. Lost Dutchman was represented by Arizona Clampers Ken 'dorsal' Berry, Frank 'hawker' Chedester, Frank 'credit card smith' Houdek and Jack 'roundevil' Johnson.

The tour started immediately. Clampers were bombarded with displays, mock-ups of bombs, photos of the first Atomic Bomb blast in recorded history and the Immaculate Erection. Some hardy Clampers filled their pockets with Trinitite - the glass-like substance created by the blast. Time will tell whether the stories about it causing sterility, mutations, impotence, insanity and the like were true. Clampers regrouped in San Antonio,NM at the Owl Cafe & Bar to restore the brain cells and any other frictions diminished by the radiation. The local remedy seemed to be mostly green chile burgers and Dos Equis.

After liberal amounts of this antidote were applied, several heated discussions broke out - likely fueled by the chiles. The topic of contention was whether inflated reports of Clamper sightings in New Mexico were caused by the fact that all local varmints - coyotes, ground squirrels, Homed Toads or rattlesnakes bore a close family resemblance to the Quivara Clamper(s) in attendance.

Order was restored without the use of armor or teargas and eventually all parties were released on OR and cautioned to return to their respective territories.

The Arizona contingent slowly retraced its' steps- stopping only at a few well chosen historic taverns, breweries, cemeteries, prospective Clamp-sites, ghost' towns and other points of Clamp-interest. In closing , this is a trek any Clamper might want to take ONCE.

And So Recorded (roundevil)