Lost Dutchman Chapter 5917 Arizona

The First PBCS of Lost Dutchman 5917 (1989 Red Rock Post Office)

Sorry about the poor quality it's all I have!

Keith A. Crosby --- 1st on left ---
Steve Houdek --- 2nd from left ---
Ken Houdek --- 3rd from left ---
Casey Blitt, M.D. --- 4th from left ---
William L. Blenman --- 5th from left ---
George Sara, M.D. --- 6th from left ---
Robert W. Phillips --- 7th from left ---
Bruce Fee --- Bottom ---
Walter H. Houdek (Golden Hills) Not Pictured
Donald H.Bufkin (Golden Hills) Not Pictured
Loren Mayhew Not Pictured
These where known PBC's at the doins,
Jerry Holland
George G Key