Lost Dutchman Chapter 5917 Arizona

The Only True and Authentic



By Don Luis Perceval

Printed with special permission of Yerba Buena Redivivus No. l. Original Painting at the Huntington Library, Collection of xSNGH Sid Platford.

The artist himself, Clamper Perceval, gives the following simple statement of the Blazonry involved.


Quarterings of
the Escutcheon:        

1. Sable, a clamp or, debruised by a baton sinister rules, for Clamp-bastard.
2. Or, a jackass sable balled of the first. For the state of wellness.
3. Or, guttee de sang, a heart gules. For a heart bleeding for all widows.
4. Sable, a record book proper. For Grand Noble Recorder.

the Crest:       Issuant from the wreath of the colors, an arm coupled at the shoulder proper, and over it, on an escrol, the word "Satisfactory."

Supporters:    Dexter, a Clamper proper, holding in his hand a bottle of "Taos Lightning." Sinister, a Clamp-Elder, holding in his hand the Staff of Relief, tipped gules. Both standing upon the gold strewn land of California.

Motto:            CREDO QUIA ABSURDUM, which is also the motto of the Order.

For those who find the foregoing obscure (or opaque) the following glossary may be elucidating.

Baton.             A diagonally placed stick or staff one fourth as wide as a bend and couped at both ends used as an abatement in a coat of arms to denote illegitimacy.

Couped.          Cut off from the body or cut at both ends so as not to touch the edges of the shield.

Debruised.      Any charge with an ordinary (in this case a baton) placed over it is said to be debruised.

Dexter.            The side of the shield to the right of the bearer and to the left of the viewer.

Escutcheon.    Either whole coat of arms or the field, usually in the shape of a shield, upon which the arms are painted.

First.               The first tincture, or color, mentioned in the description of that particular quartering.

Gules.             Red.

Guttee de sang. Guttee, a field sprinkled with drops. In this case de sang, of blood.

Proper.              In natural aspect and coloring.

Quartering.    The division of an escutcheon containing different coats of arms into four or more compartments.

Sable.              Black.

Sinister.          The side of the shield to the left of the bearer and to the right of the viewer.

(From a keepsake by Hobart "Ik" Lovett, Grand Council Archivist and NGR Yerba Buena Redivivus Capitulus No.1,1969; designed and printed by Clamper George Hawkins, Jr.)