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NEWS FLASH Date May 24,1999


In a news conference today, Humbug 'roundevil' Johnson announced that the take-over of New Mexico Territory by Lost Dutchman Chapter 5917 ECV was approved by the Board of Proctors of the Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus at the annual meeting in Sonora, Alta California on May 22, Clamper Year 6004. The combined area will be named New Arizona and will have an Eastern Boundary of 103 degrees, 03 minutes West Longitude.

Johnson said the reason for this shameless land-grab was that numerous Missionaries, Clampers, Explorers and Proctors had investigated this area and all reported NO credible evidence of intelligent or any other form of Clamper activity in this vast wilderness. It was therefore necessary to take this step to preserve Inviolet the Precepts and Purposes of the Order.

Johnson also stated " We will continue to Colonize, Clamperize and Proselytize this land until such time as there are enough Clampers to form an Outpost with the future aim of resurrecting the now defunct Quivara Chapter #4 . Only then will Lost Dutchman feel secure about the future of this Territory".

   WE ARE NOW Chapter 5917 + 4... What Say the Bretheren.