Nevada Proclaims ECV DAY

Assembly Concurrent Resolution No. 9-Assemblymen Dini, Segerblom, de Braga, Ohrenschall, Hickey, Amodei, Anderson, Parks, Mortenson, Sandoval, Collins, Lee, Koivisto, Gustavson, Berman, Braunlin, Nolan, Manendo, Ernaut, Herrera, Buckley, Carpenter, Tiffany, Marvel, Neighbors, Bache, Williams, Arberry, Von Tobel, Price, Chowning, Krenzer, Giunchigliani, Perkins, Freeman, Cegavske, Goldwater, Humke, Close, Hettrick and Lambert


ASSEMBLY CONCURRENT RESOLUTION--Designating April 16, 1997, as E Clampus Vitus Day at the Nevada Legislature.

Whereas, It has come to the attention of the Nevada Legislature that the Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus has maintained its honorable status throughout the known world and especially in this great State of Nevada; and

Whereas, The Ancient and Honorable and Exceedingly Humble Order of E Clampus Vitus has survived the test of time to become one of the longest surviving brotherhoods of men that continues to fulfill a fundamental need in providing protection and kindness while advancing the noble cause of Clamperdom to residents of the Silver State, especially all the "widders" and orphans, and descendants of the argonauts; and

Whereas, The Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus was founded in West Virginia in 1845 by Ephram Bee, owner of a tavern on the National Road, and shortly thereafter the warmhearted brothers affectionately became known as the "Clampin Vipers"; and

Whereas, In 1860, William Stewart founded the first Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus, Winnemucca Lodge #1, in the Utah Territory, in the unsuspecting peaceful town known as Carson City; and
Whereas, The creed of the Clamproctors, yesterday, as well as today, is "to protect the widders' and orphans, and MAINLY the widders'"; and

Whereas, The State of Nevada is proud to continue the tradition of 152 years of devoted service with the Nevada chapters which now include the Snowshoe Thomson Chapter of Douglas County, the Julia C. Bulette Chapter of the Comstock and the Lucinda Jane Saunders Chapter of Elko County, named for some of Nevada's most famous and influential residents; and

Whereas, In 1977, the Transierra Roisterous Alliance of Senior Humbugs (TRASH), a nonprofit fraternal organization composed of truly dedicated Clampers, was incorporated with the Secretary of State, continuing the furtherance of historical data of the great State of Nevada; now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the Assembly of the State of Nevada, the Senate Concurring, That the members of the 69th session of the Nevada Legislature, of whom many are proud members of E Clampus Vitus, do hereby declare April 16, 1997, as E Clampus Vitus Day at the Nevada Legislature, a day to be marked by appropriate revelry and thanksgiving; and be it further
Resolved, That the Honorable and Ancient Order of E Clampus Vitus is praised and commended for its contributions to mankind and others, and recognized as an illustrious group of Clampers, Clampatrious, Vituscans and Frolicking Friars who must continue to serve and protect the residents of the Silver State; and be it further

Resolved, That the Chief Clerk of the Assembly prepare and transmit a copy of this resolution to the Clamp Patriarch, Peter Van Alstyne, and to Mr. John W. Riggs, Sr.


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