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Lost Dutchman annexes New Mexico

HOW Dutchman became 5917+4

The First PBCS of Lost Dutchman 5917

1989 Red Rock Post Office

Billy book

A fun poke at our second Humbug Bill Iselin. Nothing personal all just in fun.

Resolution 69

Proctor board resolution for Wang membership

Current ECV Chapters 2010

Chapter Adresses

History stuff below


The ECV COAT of ARMS explained

What is ECV

A brief history of Clampers

Epic in Prose

A real detailed history of ECV by Ken Castro

Al Shumates History of ECV

Al Shumates History of ECV


The first chapters
ECHOES FROM OUR PAST Text of conversations from the early days of Lost Dutchman Chapter

Carl Wheat

Pomona College 1915 Courtesy of our XNGH#2 Bill Iselin

History about Adam Lee Moore

A little bit about Adam Lee Moore Clampatriarch of the New ECV

History of Jacob Waltz

How Lost Dutchman got its name. By Dr. Stragnell

More History about Waltz and the mine.

More detail on Jacob Waltz

History of Goldfield Spring 97 doin's

     Sort of a ghost town to visit

Lost Dutchman Mine Found?  Lost Dutchman Mine Found?

History of Queen Creek

History Of Queen Creek

History of La Paz / Ehrenburg

The first Plaquing by Lost Dutchman. By Dr. Stragnell

Read Obituary on Al Shumate

Golden hills sept 1998

Go see the building of Pallet Man and the Burning

See and read about the first pallet man burning.



The last of the code talkers Navajo Code Talkers
Jackson Hall Headstone Event Read about it

Misc stuff that we are involved in


Trinity Blowout
Click the picture to read the story

Great trip but boy did we get the royal Clamper wool pulled over the eyes surprise.

Emperor Norton

Articles About the Emperor

(New Stuff mar 2010
City of White Gold
San Francisco in the Gilded Age

Click above and see the 9 minute trailer on Geordie's web site. Please help donate to this great project.

March 2010 New Member of YB1, Geordie Lynch is producing a great documentary about the Comstock load, This lead to the real building up of San Francisco starting in 1859

Myth History and Water in LA

By Abraham Hoffman - Great reading about Owens Valley / LA water fight.

Robsons Mining world

Spring 2007 doins site great place to take anyone.

Nevada proclaims E Clampus Vitus day
April 16, 1997

Yes! Nevada Assembly proclaims a real ECV day. Read the whole resolution.